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About Evolving Always

Founded by Terrylynn Dupree 

Terrylynn is very experienced in the online retail business. She is presently with Poshmark and has been with them for almost three years. While with Poshmark she consistently receives 5 star ratings from her clients by offering great products and shipping timely. Terrylynn was selected as a Posh Ambassador on Poshmark because of her outstanding results.

Visit her Poshmark site at www.evolvealways.com and review her love notes under the about tab up top. 

 Check back to see new products added all the time. Like the company name this site will be evolving always.

Thank you for visiting Evolving Always please come back.

Our history

I launched my apparel store in January 2016.  I started an online boutique to leave corporate America. I no longer wanted to work for anyone but myself. I came up with the name Evolving Always because I believe in continueous self improvement. I feel everyone should work on themselves. Evolve into the best version of yourself.

Our style

My overall style is boho chic. Many of my items will have that theme. Please subscribe  via email to be kept up to date about new products. 

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